September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and as one of the leading causes of death in Florida, having a conversation with your kids and teens is crucial. To learn more about suicide and depression warning signs among youth, check out psychologist Jeremy Pettit’s interview with CBS4.

5 tips to curb challenging classroom behavior

Just in time for back to school, psychologist Erika Coles offers tips that can help teachers effectively manage common difficulties in the classroom and help improve the learning environment for all students. Read more>

Help your kids feel secure in an uncertain world

Psychologist Jonathan Comer sheds light on how our actions can impact our kids and how parents and caretakers can talk to kids about sensitive topics they may hear about or see on the news, helping them to feel secure. Learn more>

Getting your kids ready for back-to-school

Isabel Rodriguez, clinical therapist at our center, sat down with Roxanne Vargas on NBC 6’s Facebook page to chat about managing your child’s behavior and getting them ready for back to school. Watch>

Do fidget spinners help kids focus?

Fidget spinners have been advertised as useful tools to help reduce anxiety and improve concentration in kids with ADHD, but it’s never been tested. Psychologist Paulo Graziano conducted a study to put that claim to the test. Read more>

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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month