Extended Foreign Language Program


The EFL program at E.W.F. Stirrup Elementary is dedicated to developing a bilingual and biliterate curriculum. High standards are in place to ensure that each student is challenged to reach his/her full potential for the multicultural society of our times.

What is EFL?

EFL is implemented as a “school within a school” model and serves students who are interested in developing bilingual and biliterate proficiency in both English and Spanish.

EFL Benefits

  • Emphasizes the teaching of language arts and curriculum content in both English and Spanish
  • Exposes children to foreign language instruction, which will help them to improve their verbal and mathematical skills in both languages
  • Familiarizes the student with the Hispanic culture, exposing them to the richness of their bicultural heritage
  • Promotes bilingualism
  • Ensures students’ equal access to educational opportunities
  • Prepares students to succeed in today’s competitive global market